Chef’s Corner with head chef Muzzy Fernandez

Hey its Muzzy here, and I wanted to let you in on a little secret used in the kitchen at Jackie Rey’s. When making flavorful poke marinates and spicy salad dressings I like to add that local ingredient ginger root. But when peeling the tough skinned root, the nodes on the ginger can be tricky. We like to save as much of the ginger inside as possible by shaving it closely with a simple spoon. Give it a try! I’m sure you’ll find it easier. Next take the ginger fibers and mash them flat, take a knife and dice the ends finely. You now have a flavorful power spice that will add potency to any dish! Mahalos everyone. See you this season at Jackie Rey’s. Thanks for all the support!

Head Chef Muzzy Fernandez

Chef Muzzy Fernandez, spicin’ it up with Jackie Rey’s Ohana since the beginning, 8 years ago