Willy Wilton Flying Loops Over Kona

Check out Kailua Kona from thousands of feet up with Mr. Willy Wilton, Jackie Rey’s Awesome Handyman and one of our long time favorite patrons. Watch as he flies his animated friend Shannon up and down the Kona Coast!

This amazing stunt man can often be found reminiscing with the daytime staff at one of Kona’s Favorite Restaurants, Jackie Rey’s Ohana Grill!

But maybe come in to eat after the flight, not before ;)

Congratulations Jim and Betty!


Congratulations again Jim and Betty Mayer on your 60 Year Anniversary!

We had as much fun catering your party as we do when you cater us with your presence every week at Jackie Rey’s. Thank you so much for your wonderful friendship and loving support throughout all of these years!