High Tech in Hawaii

Time sure flies here in Kailua Kona, Hawaii!

It seems like it was just yesterday that Jackie Rey’s opened their doors to the hungry people of the Big Island. Who would guess that it was a whole 8 years ago! A lot has changed in those years.

The building has been refurbished and is looking better than ever. Our amazing staff of the best and hardest working pros in town has only gotten better throughout the years. Our reviews on every travel site out there have been increasingly positive, and of course its because the food and drinks just keep getting more beautiful and delicious as time goes on!

Pretty good for a family restaurant!

With all of these improvements we knew that it was finally time to update our technology so we could keep up with the new high tech world! A new website, a mobile site, and an updated Loyalty Rewards System were just the start. Technology moves fast though, so we sped up!

The Ohana here at Jackie Rey’s is so excited and eager to have a shiny new Micros Computer System, replacing our amazingly reliable, but dinosaur of a system. We can’t wait because we know it will help us serve our clientele even better!

Our genius Tech Staff got us up and running Sunday night and has been working hard to get out all of the glitches from the system.

We know this new addition will help our already amazing staff to be even more fast and efficient! Come and test us out!



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