Out with the Old, In with the Booths!

We are always looking to improve the dining experience for our lovey and loyal guests at everyone’s favorite restaurant, Jackie Rey’s Ohana Grill in Kailua Kona. Most recently this has included entirely new furniture!

Sleek new booths now line the open air windows. Classy looking tables and chairs are also spread throughout the dining room, and shiny new bar stools greet our guests at the bar, all helping to give the floor plan a new, more modern look.

But don’t worry, the old tables and chairs were not put to waste. Owners Paul and Angela Rey donated all of the old furniture to our local Habitat for Humanity! Plus, if you know anyone who has any sentimental value for their favorite old bar stool or high top table, you can simply send them to down to Habitat and they can help donate to a wonderful cause!

The response to the change has been nothing but positive, but we want you to come and try it out for yourselves! So, the next time you are on the Big Island of Hawaii, come and sit yourselves down on our new digs. The ambiance will put you in a good mood for some great food!

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